Saturday, July 4, 2009

Handgrown with Love

Here are the flower pots we made for Mother's Day. I think they turned out super cute!

Easter Bunny Windsocks

Pitter Patter Rainsticks

Here was the craft we made for March.

Insert a zig zag folded piece of aluminum foil into a empty paper towel roll. Cover one end with foil to close the end. Fill with dry rice. Cover completely with foil and cover with stickers. Tilt from end to end listening to the soothing sound of rain.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine, I'm Stuck On You!

For the grandparents this year we made magnetic Valentine cards. We took self adhesive magnetic sheets and attached scrapbook paper, a photo and stickers. We then sealed it with modge podge to give it a coated sheen.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

Here in Kentucky we are still recovering from the effects of being hit by an ice storm. There are STILL people without power and it hit nine days ago. We thankfully have ours back after six LONG days without it. We have a gas fireplace and a gas water heater so chose to stay in our home since we were warm and able to take showers. We had to sit our food out in the snow and cook using our grill outside. It was crazy! My poor sister-in-law lost her car when a live power line fell on it and burnt it to the ground.
We are all happy and healthy and without any major damage though and for that I am grateful. Here are some pictures. It was a pain, but pretty just the same. Even so, I'm glad its melting and I hope it doesn't return for a long long long time.

My hubby hiking to the store to get some charcoal.

Our makeshift refrigerator/freezer.

What do you do after about four days of being bored without power?? My son chases the cats under the bedsheets. lol

January Craft

I'm a bit behind on blogging...but
here is the January craft that we made for our feathery friends. I got this idea from The Katie Brown Workshop. Its a bird feeder made using an orange, sticks, twine and a wooden bead for decoration. It was simple, my son loved watching the birds from the window and the birds seemed to enjoy it as well. Oh, and the squirrels did too.

Filling it up.

Here birdy birdy...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Online Scrapbook Crop Weekend

I recently participated in my first online scrapbook crop weekend. It was Thursday-Sunday and we had fourteen layout themes to do. The themes were based on song titles from the movie "The Wedding Singer".
I completed all fourteen and here are the results:

#1- Love Stinks(we had a heart layout to follow)

#2-You Spin Me Like A Record(we had to use brads or eyelets)

#3- Somebody Kill Me Please(you had to use a bad picture of yourself and make it special)

#4-Grow Old With You(focus on someone you love a great deal and use a technique you love)- I used a Versamark pen on cardstock with chalk rubbed over top of it.

#5-Holiday(can feature any holiday)

6-99 Balloons(use as many pictures as you have kids)

7-Money(use a monogram letter)

8-White Wedding(do a black & white layout, photos can be color)

9-Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go(use a photo of your kiddo sleeping)

10-Hungry Heart(use a photo of someone eating something)

11-Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic(honor your little one)

12-Ladies Night(crafter's choice...any layout you want) These were voted on to see whose was the favorite and I won!! Yippee!

13-Do You Believe In Love-(we were given a template to follow and you needed to crop someone you love)

Bonus layouts:

Bingo challenge(we had a bingo card of scrapbook words). We had to pick a line of four and then make a page using those four items. I chose: scraps, buttons, stickers & tags.

All in all I'm pretty pleased that I got so much accomplished. This was definitely a great way to push myself to take the time to get some scrappin' done. I can't wait till next month!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm so behind on posting and hope to get caught up later this week. Anyway, in the meantime I just wanted to shout out HAPPY NEW YEAR to whomever is listening. I feel this year is going to be a good one!

Here is my cutie ringing in the New Year. The poor lil thing tried so hard to stay up and crashed at 11:45pm. I didn't let him drink the champagne of course, but he sure thought he was big stuff holding the glass. He liked the bubbles.